Sunday, February 28, 2010

Doodle Blast! - The Idea

Shortly after I released Pop Fizz, I ended up being sick in bed with some flu. As I was lying there, I was thinking that it would be really fun to produce something else. However, at that point I wasn’t ready to invest two more months into something that would just disappear into the app void again. That just seemed like too long of a time to waste. A week, on the other hand, didn’t seem that long. So, the thought occurred to me – what can I crank out in seven days?

I chatted with my brother and we remembered our Sybila Soft days and the game with a tank and an ever-growing stack of guns. Then, just to prove his point, he sent me the following sketch:

I was sold. More importantly, I wanted to play that tank because it looked like fun. So, I was presented with a challenge: how can I turn that picture into a game in seven days or less?

The first thing I did was I cheated. I turned the first day into a weekend to create a simple prototype and test the feasibility of the idea. And that’s where we begin our daily count-down...

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