Thursday, March 18, 2010

Help Doodle Blast! hit Top 50!

You've read the story, you've played the game, you might as well admit it... you LOVE Doodle Blast! Now is your chance to get involved - help the game break into the top 50!

Doodle Blast! broke through the Top 75 games in the US store today. Given that this project started only as a weeklong last hurray for my recent dabbles with the iPhone, I'm very excited and very happy to see the game enjoy this unexpected success, however temporary it may be.

Despite the current spot light, the game is actually not generating too much money. You'd think that Top 100 is the final frontier. But, alas, no. It would be nice if the game sales managed to cover at least a portion of my hardware startup costs (I used to be a Windows junkie... I know...), but I'm not holding my breath.

Regardless, it would be a hoot to see the game make it to the top 100. Since you are reading this blog, you probably already know that Doodle Blast! is a completely indie production, with no studio backing, no advertising budget (or any budget for that matter), and, most of the time, no prior experience in working with any of the components that made Doodle Blast! into what it is (writing code on the Apple platform, creating trailers, sampling music and sound effects, ... sheesh!) How cool would it be if Doodle Blast! actually made it?

So, here is your chance to help - tell your friends, publish blogs, post tweets, and pass the word - Doodle Blast! is hella cool!

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